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How to Wash Dog Bedding to Get Rid of Fleas
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- It is better to provide your dog with its own dog bed rather than letting it sleep in your bed, so that if it does contract fleas they will be contained to one area and you will not have to clean your bedding as well.

- If your dog sleeps on the sofa or chair, make sure that you thoroughly wash all of the upholstery and fabrics that you use to cover this furniture.

- Vacuum all of the cushions and don鈥檛 forget to turn them over and vacuum underneath so that you get rid of any flea eggs hiding there.

- Don鈥檛 forget to clean or vacuum all dark warm places like underneath the furniture Sebastian Rudy Jersey , behind doors and under beds. These places are where fleas love to hide.

- If your dog bed is made of foam, take the fabric cover off and put it in the wash. Then, fill the bathtub with warm water and add laundry detergent. Soak the foam in the water and work the soap into it with your hands. Hang the foam outside in the sun to dry.

- If your dog has any plush toys Robert Lewandowski Jersey , don鈥檛 forget to clean them as well because they can also harbour fleas.

- When you are vacuuming, you can add a spoonful of flea powder directly into the vacuum bag before you start so that you will immediately kill any fleas that you pick up. This will prevent them from growing inside the vacuum bag.

- Keep your dog away from any other dogs or cats until the Frontline for dogs treatment is completed because fleas can very easily spread from one animal to another.

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